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email: me(at)benfields(dot)net

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PhD Computer Science, April 2011
Goldsmiths, University of London

Thesis: Contextualize Your Listening: The Playlist as Recommendation Engine

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M.S. Music Engineering Technology, May 2006

University of Miami
Thesis: On the Viability of Using Mixed Feature Extraction with Multiple Statistical Models to Categorize Music by Genre

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B.S. Computer Engineering, March 2004
University of California, Santa Cruz
Senior Design Project: Securio - The Autonomous Home Security Robot, Audio Video Specialist

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I currently split my time between two things. First, product work for In Our Cellar, a company I co-founded to create open data and web products for the beverage industry broadly and beer in particular. In my capacity there I'm particularly interested in improving the interaction model around point of sale in bars and pubs, through data mining, recommendation and excellent UX. The other half of my time is spent doing freelance consulting work. This takes many forms, from data model audits to full-stack web development. I prefer to work in python and know my way around javascript, ruby, and r. I'm a bit rusty, but can get by in java and C as well.

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In Our Cellar Ltd.

Independent Consulting

Musicmetric (Semetric Ltd.)

University of Southampton

Goldsmiths University of London, New Cross, London

Gables Engineering, Coral Gables, FL

University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL

Raytheon, San Diego, CA

University of California, Santa Cruz

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